Content Fortification with Mediafly's ProReview

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chicago,IL: Piracy, isn’t it killing the entertainment industry? Even though the media industry is striving hard to win the battle against content theft, there is an increased need for an app or service through which media gets a protective shield. The leak of a screener for “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” this year, reminds about the unsecured entertainment world which is vulnerable to security threats.

Aimed at providing security to the media industry, Mediafly, an enterprise software company that delivers mobile enablement solutions has come up with different solutions and services. The company’s  ProReview app  offers executives and entertainment association voting members, a secure way to access content, pre and post-production, dailies, video and screeners on any device .Unlike the past alternative, let it be private YouTube and Vimeo channels, this ProReview app designs a better secured  environment .

The solution resolves a number of potential security challenges, especially the media group who are often busy with their tight schedules. No more waiting for DVD screeners to arrive via FedEx and loosing of screeners, because now individuals can securely login and watch wherever they are around the world via laptop or tablet, or smartphone; while studios and production companies can control who sees what content, when and for how long.

Deployment of this app is also not very complex, the consumers just have to upload video, PDFs, documents, images, scripts and audio into Mediafly and it takes care of formatting, transcoding, encrypting, and securing media for all of users’ devices. It also controls the media by leveraging networks, shows, customers, content types, episodes, dates. In addition to these benefits, the company has also integration with leading forensic watermarking vendors which in turn provides additional security.