Movebot Makes Data Transfer Quick and Easy

Having data in the cloud provides organizations with more flexibility than ever. Employees can access data securely from anywhere with the same protocols and framework as if they were onsite. 

But migrating from one platform for another can be a time-consuming, challenging experience. 

Migrations could take weeks or even months, and there was no guarantee the organization’s structure would subsist on the new platform. In some cases, data loss can be a strong possibility. 

Many organizations were understandably worried about changing cloud platforms, especially if they had thousands or tens of thousands of users and 100s of Terabytes or Petabytes worth of data to move. 

Ensuring a smooth migration

Data migrations are disruptive. When large or complex organizations move between platforms, there are two critical items they must consider to make the transition smooth and simple. 

First, is fully planning out the migration, including having an understanding of both the source and destination platform including the nuances and limitations of each.

The second is learning and using the product that will facilitate the transfer of data, metadata, and other important items between the two platforms.

Understanding source and destination platforms

Different cloud platforms focus on different features and benefits. Unfortunately this means that some transfers aren’t as straightforward as mapping files and folders.

For example, some cloud storage platforms have a proprietary doctype for their word processing program. Depending on the tool used for the transfer, these files may or may not be useable out-of-the-box in the destination.

There are several other potential issues that may come up depending on the source and destination, including: 

● Object limitations for a single migration

● Folder depth limits

● Maximum bitrate for transfers

● User hierarchy and permission structures

● File name incompatibility

It’s important to keep these things in mind when planning the transfer, especially if there is a strict deadline to meet. 

Learning the Product

Knowing the nuances between two platforms is extremely helpful, and just as helpful is becoming familiar with the migration product before initiating a large-scale transfer.

 ​Movebot is a cloud-based data movement platform that helps individuals and companies move their data from one storage provider to another 

Using the product and gaining proficiency helps prepare for the data transfer and to make sure it happens without issues. Trial transfers can also help get a feel for how the product works on a smaller scale.

Here are a few important questions to keep in mind when reviewing the product:

● Are there any hard-coded speed limitations that might affect the deadline?

● Does the product store data?

● What happens if a transfer is interrupted? 

● How are changes in the source handled mid-transfer? 

● What kind of information can you see while the transfer is running?

● Will folder and file permissions and sharing be retained? 

● What happens if a transfer fails?

● Are file names and formats preserved? 

Depending on the migration, the answer to some of these questions is more important than others. After understanding how the data migration software handles these concerns, users can decide if the current tool can handle the job or if there may be a better data migration solution.

Movebot as a Data Migration Solution

Aiming to be fast, intuitive, and affordable, Movebot takes a modern approach to data transfers. With no onsite infrastructure, Movebot is a cloud-based data movement platform that helps individuals and companies move their data from one storage provider to another.

The cloud agnostic software allows transfers between 30 different cloud storage providers along with transfers from one account to another, such as Google Workspace to a new Google Workspace account. 

Movebot Functionality

The goal of Movebot is to make data migrations simple, secure and fast. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the product is straightforward to use and allows fine-tuning for specific use cases.

Users as well as their permissions can be mapped to the new platform, and it is remarkably scalable–it has no issues transferring a single file or hundreds of thousands of files and PBs worth of data with unrivalled speed.

One standout feature of Movebot is how it sets users up for success with a pre-migration scan. This free-to-use feature can scan up to the entire source organization, and then inform the user of any potential issues such as incompatible file formats or naming convention issues between the two systems. Then the user can decide how to proceed; for example, files with unusable symbols in the name can be renamed to something usable at the destination. 

Full control of the data

An essential principle of Movebot is that the user decides what functionality to use. For instance, an organization may choose to preserve a proprietary document format instead of convert it. Movebot will flag the issue, but won’t make the change without authorisation.

This philosophy extends to all parts of the software. Data is never stored at rest, and files aren’t deleted by Movebot. Once the migration is complete, the compute node is destroyed so there is no way for an external intruder to gain access to the data. 


Movebot was designed to guide users through everything they need for a successful migration. There are many tools available such as the pre-migration scan to decrease the chance that anything will go wrong. And in the rare case there is an issue, the Support team will ensure that any issues are resolved as soon as possible.  

A proven success

With hundreds of thousands of successful transfers, the product’s proven capabilities has earned them the preferred partner for Dropbox for file migrations.“Whether you are transferring a single drive, a team, or an entire organization, Movebot's cloud migration tool has been built to make your Dropbox migration simple. We're excited to bring this reliable service to customers moving to Dropbox so they can bring all of their tools, content, and collaborators together in one place," said Ben Fitzpatrick, Director of Business Development at Dropbox.

Built with a modern infrastructure with an easy-to use interface, Movebot allows for fast, secure, and affordable data transfers for organizations of any size.