What is SaaS? And Why Do I Care?

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What is SaaS? And Why Do I Care?

The goal of this descriptive whitepaper is to clarify what SaaS is and help the reader understand why not everything that is called SaaS meets the requirements of a true “Software as a Service” model. It also addresses key questions like:

  • What is the relationship between SaaS and cloud computing?

  • What are the core principles which makeup the fundamental building blocks of a SaaS application?

  • What are the four layers of security which is used to safeguard customer data in a SaaS environment?

  • What are the business benefits of Web Content Management when combined with the Software as a Service application?

  • Is SaaS Web Content Management right for your business?

Read this whitepaper on “What is SaaS And Why Do I Care?” that helps digital marketers and technology managers understand the true definition of SaaS, and eliminate preconceived objections about the benefits of a SaaS-based delivery model. 

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