Canto: A Pioneer in the Digital Asset Management Community

CIO VendorJack McGannon, CEO
The entertainment and media industry is witnessing a tremendous task of managing today’s ever-increasing volume of digital content. Finding the right files, distributing them, ensuring their security, and meeting expanding customer needs have become a constant challenge for firms of every size striving in this industry. Efficiency in handling digital assets presents an area of competitive advantage for organizations that can pull up the right file quickly, anytime from anywhere. San Francisco, CA-based industry veteran, Canto is a leading provider of Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology and expertise to the media and entertainment space.

The story of Canto began in 1990 when Canto first opened its doors and with it, the start of the DAM industry was born. Within two years, Canto introduced its flagship product Cumulus, which was awarded as the ‘Most Innovative Product of 1992’ by Apple Inc., and has continued to grow and innovate the product into a 2015 award-winning enterprise DAM platform. “Cumulus is a highly configurable solution that provides new-age DAM service to a wide range of industries,” explains Jack Mcgannon, CEO at Canto. Cumulus also has a unique integration platform with an API that empowers organizations to streamline connections between Cumulus and complementary technologies.

Often, Canto is asked about the chief factor behind the success of Cumulus. To shed light on this, Jack stated, “We consistently seek to understand what the challenge is that a client is trying to solve, and based on the information, we deliver solutions that are most suited to their needs and goals.” With over 15 years of experience, Jack has helped Canto adopt an agile development methodology that helps them innovate and address fast-changing market demands. Jack attributes a clear vision, goals and importantly Canto’s skilled workforce as reasons for its growth and ongoing success.
Taking Flight

Recently, Canto added a new product to its arsenal, a ‘Born in the Cloud’ solution called Flight that simplifies the handling of rich media files. Flight combines best practices of DAM with the intuitiveness of typical consumer applications allowing customers to store, capture metadata, sort, filter and share visual content quickly and smoothly. Flight is engineered to minimize clicks and get customers to their branded assets faster. It is visually stunning to browse as an image and video library with various thumbnail sizes, full screen previews, and multi-format video playback capabilities. Cumulus and Flight, both designed around the themes of cloud, social, and mobility, not only answer the challenges of today but also set companies up for future operational excellence. Apart from addressing these trends, Canto also focuses on digital asset management workflow, integration to other systems and user experience.

It is all about finding what the challenge a client is trying to solve and based on the assimilated information, deliver solutions that are most suited to their needs and goals

Looking toward the future, Canto intends to strengthen its position as a best of breed DAM provider. The company wants to be recognized for its solutions, innovation, and consistent customer satisfaction.


San Francisco, CA

Jack McGannon, CEO

Provider of digital asset management technologies that enable organizations to manage digital content