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JD Bowles, President & CEO
In the early 90s, standing at the back of a room as an intern with the Los Angeles Times, JD Bowles still recalls the words of a news publisher, “The internet is never going to affect our business.” However, today the initial hype around the dot. com bubble gloriously stands true, and the new media reality has significantly transformed the news delivery system and access to information. Circulating press coverage is no longer tied to one place, an email or a broadcast message, and instead, communications teams are following an integrated approach to narrate effective stories and create brand recognition.

At the helm of this renewed outlook toward public relations is iPR Software, a PR, and marketing software solutions firm that combines all the right elements and the highest level of product innovation, to help organizations build powerful brand and industry influence. Founded with a vision to virtualize the traditional pressroom, today iPR Software with close to two decades of industry expertise goes much beyond just PR and IR solutions and offers a suite of next-gen services such as content marketing, social media integration, digital asset management, and more.

The depth and breadth of iPR Software’s solutions not only brings an edge in the digital age but what stands out is the company’s CMS platform. Unlike most off-the-shelf solutions in the market that are based on open-source technology, iPR Software’s platform is proprietary and web-based, allowing users to publish and host multimedia content and news, as well as distribute it through traditional and social media channels, search engines, and mobile devices. “We are a software company but more importantly we are a customer service organization, always attuned to matching our solutions with our clients’ every requirement,” says JD Bowles, President, and CEO, iPR Software.

To give a closer view of iPR Software’s offerings, the company enables organizations to manage their public relations through an online news center that helps drive website traffic and user engagement. To enhance B2B and B2C engagement, the platform monitors multiple channels and is built to create dynamic displays, resulting in strategic campaign execution. Alongside, for public companies, iPR Software’s CMS comes preloaded with key features of best practice IR websites, allowing investor content to be readily available and updated on a client’s website in a timely manner. “In addition, we transmit 1000’s of news releases via NewMediaWire, a wholly owned subsidiary, for content distribution and SEC disclosure fulfillment across all PR and IR sectors,” explains Bowles.

The uniqueness of iPR Software is in many ways immeasurable as the platform also serves as a hub for digital asset management (DAM), where a single sign-on allows creation, sharing, and tracking of any file or asset type. For maximum client benefit, the platform easily integrates with popular cloud-based tools like Google Drive and Dropbox, Salesforce, and many others and also supports information sharing between internal teams as well as external agencies or newsrooms. For enhanced interactivity between clients and their target audience, the company also creates mobile apps for a truly engaging experience. Finally, iPR Software’s social hub empowers brands to seamlessly control all their social network content across different sites from one unified dashboard. Apart from data management and distribution, iPR also hits the right note with its analytics feature that allows businesses to measure the impact of information and in turn share the most effective content.

We are a software company but more importantly, we are a customer service organization

iPR Software is also the leader in Content Marketing publishing, now more than ever, brands need to create “Story Telling” content that “breaks through the noise,” according to Paul Evans of the Ad Buyer Agency, and “engages users in an authentic way.” One way to do this is by publishing “value-based” content directly to your corporate content marketing site like Coke, Edison International, Red Bull do in order to give followers what they are looking for. This can be in the form of announcements or emotional videos that are created in ways that either reveal a pain point or elicit great pleasure. “The goal is to connect users to brands in an online-community place,” said Bowles

“As opposed to other PR & Marketing services, our unique value proposition lies in our end-to-end services. We take care of our clients’ entire continuum of communication and media needs, combined with round the clock customer and technical support,” states Bowles.

As an offshoot of their enterprise-class services and solutions, most of iPR Software’s business growth comes from their reputation. Inevitably, the company works with some of the largest global leaders, such as Dunkin Donuts, Xerox, NVIDIA, Northrop Grumman, Mattel and American Heart Association. “We pride ourselves on the fact that we exhibit more than a 99 percent customer retention rate, and all our clients have been on board for years. A major reason behind this trust is our ability to evolve with our clients and match up to their scalability needs,” remarks Bowles. It comes as no surprise that iPR Software was recently the solution of choice for the renowned Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) to design, build, and host “Content Connection,” a digital portal to post and distribute digital content.

To highlight another case in point, a global client came up to iPR Software with a challenge where they wanted the parent company to hold control of their individual brands without allowing the subsidiary companies to lose their brand identity. “We helped them build a system that warranted control at the parent level while driving significant customer engagement at the individual brand level,” mentions Bowles. “For us, it’s not about aiding in brand expansion but building brand value,” he adds. To that end, the idea behind iPR Software is not to stop at customer acquisition but create an engaging experience that keeps the customers coming back for more.

In the coming days, iPR Software will be focusing on helping global companies that seek for a macro brand identity while promoting micro level community interaction. Another area of expansion will be making their solutions far more portable and accessible, anytime, anywhere. “The future holds endless possibilities and owing to our client centricity, our customers aren’t just customers, they are our fans and we take immense pride in that,” ends the CEO.

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JD Bowles, President & CEO

Offers PR and marketing software solutions alongside a host of other services that include digital asset management, media database management, content marketing solutions, and social media hubs

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