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Giorgi Beroshvili, Director of Business Development
Internet TV is hotter than ever these days with on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu along with numerous live TV streaming services such as ESPN Plus, DirecTV, and Sling TV, all aiming to capitalize on the cord-cutting phenomenon. However, internet TV users need a broadband connection that is copacetic with this video streaming lifestyle. Unlike cable TV’s ability to switch screens faster, the switching speed of internet TV solely depends on the internet speed and the quality of the channel. “Imagine the frustration of hearing your neighbor using a cable TV shout ‘Goooaaaaal!’ a minute before, while you wait for your internet TV to load the channel,” says Giorgi Beroshvili, Director of Business Development at Qarva. In order to eliminate these predicaments of latency and fast channel switching, Beroshvili and his team at Qarva deliver innovative and dynamic software solutions that enhance the interactive viewing experience for budget-oriented internet TV users.

Founded in 2004, Qarva, a leading innovator in IPTV and over the top (OTT) technologies, offers turnkey, end-to-end IPTV and OTT software solutions that guarantee seamless, uninterrupted video streaming for its internet TV users. The company leverages its expertise in video contribution and distribution without utilizing content delivery networks (CDNs) to address the latency caused by specifics of TCP delivery via MultiPipe (OTT) streaming technology. Qarva provides three stand-alone products to achieve an ideal IPTV ecosystem: FastSwitch and Packet Recovery server, aQua video server, which uses the MultiPipe OTT protocol, and Qarva Teleport, a solution for video stream contribution. The Qarva Teleport seamlessly delivers various kinds of internet streams or streams specific events from the head end to the data center. “We provide our open internet-tested solutions to our clients, either directly or through our partners depending on the region, allowing them to stream 4K UHD videos perfectly,” adds Beroshvili.

Qarva’s competency stems from its disruptive approach to re-boxing the existing IPTV solutions, protocols, and technologies in the market, including its own. With one eye fixated on developing innovative core technologies, Qarva constantly performs ‘deep level magic’ on altering HLS data locking on its proprietary technologies and protocols to stay ahead of the competition.

Qarva’s competency stems from its disruptive approach to re-boxing the existing IPTV solutions, protocols, and technologies in the market, including its own

As Beroshvili puts it, “Unlike other companies that alter the presentation layer to add small additional value to the existing technologies, we try to disrupt our own past technologies while working to develop new ones. This is in our DNA, our philosophy, and it drives the main competitive advantage for Qarva.”

Ever since Qarva’s internationalization in 2014, the company has diligently served large OTT providers looking to deliver top-notch sports, racing and e-sports video streaming solutions for developed economies with a high conversion rate. Qarva boasts of its decade-long collaborative work with Silknet, one of Georgia’s largest IPTV and OTT providers. Having enjoyed a long and successful partnership with Silknet, Qarva engaged with Silknet’s customers to provide robust OTT services. With OTT services driving the growth of Silknet, Qarva assists its former parent company with software licensing and service operations.

In addition to the illustrious history with Silknet, Qarva has launched an improved FastSwitch server with multi-DRM solution support, which is transparent, DRM-independent and compatible with large OTT product vendors employing keyframe identification techniques. The company will soon be launching a new version of aQua video server, and a global cloud offering for video stream contribution and distribution. “We have successfully standardized our products in the IPTV ecosystem, and will transition from implementing customer business models to partner-based and strategic alliance-based models to gain market power,” says Beroshvili. With a significant presence in the post-Soviet and Eastern European regions, Qarva aims to expand its outreach across Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Western European, and the US markets.


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Giorgi Beroshvili, Director of Business Development

Provides innovative and dynamic software solutions for the end-to-end IPTV, OTT offerings for partners and customers worldwide