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David Gang, CEO
COVID-19 is having a marked impact on media supply, consumption, and advertising around the world. As media companies try to cover the ongoing state of the world, the need for them to pursue remote publishing has risen exponentially. The advertising side of their business has also been under significant pressure, with some sectors largely ceasing advertising due to the changing global economy. To this end, while some companies have decided to stay in the course to educate their target audience/readers, others have made downsized content production and operations, and focus on publishing impactful media first. The need of the hour is to be flexible in running operations, and facilitate efficient remote working such that content publishing goals can still be achieved. To this end, Brightspot delivers a flexible decoupled and headless CMS and data asset management (DAM) solution which provides clients with platform independence, process localization, code simplicity, customizability and cross-platform support. “For more than a decade, Brightspot has been the go-to solution for some of the biggest names in digital publishing and brand storytelling,” says David Gang, the CEO of Brightspot. Unlike other CMS developers, the company assumes the stance of a service provider in enabling clients to adopt their robust CMS platform.

Brightspot’s CMS offering revolves around four key foundations: business logic, workflow, content types and integrations. Enterprise can repurpose the CMS platform for any business logic, be it for teaching, broadcasting, publishing or B2B marketing (ecommerce). They can define and customize workflows depending on the intended functions. Brightspot’s CMS can work with any content ranging from images, articles, and videos, to data and visualization models, to name a few. The content types come equipped with tools to fully customize Brightspot’s publishing interface to cater to any content creators’ needs. This provides customers with specialized assets and pages, OVPs, streamlined image editing and cropping, and large module library. Lastly, Brightspot is designed to be integration ready, with a broad array of built-in solutions for top industry tools, allowing for faster deployments than its competitors.
Brightspot’s CMS offers tools to enable companies to easily extend their projects on the platform.

“The founding principle and what makes Brightspot different is we enable conflicting priorities for our customers: speed and customized work. We believe you should be able to build custom applications but without sacrificing speed of deployment,” adds Gang. Built on a light-weight, flexible framework, the platform enables a stressless publishing experience for high-volume media, brand, and portfolio content creators.

Brightspot has helped companies and publishing houses power over 1000 websites across the globe. The success story of one of their customers best exemplifies Brightspot’s value proposition. The company recently worked with the LA Times to re-platform their publishing platform. Previously, the client’s platform was a combination of technologies that the company migrated onto a customized version of Brightspot, which was later white-labeled as Graphene, for CMS, digital asset management, and print workflow. The company’s team was able to complete the project in less than 12 months for 15 newspapers.

With its customer-focused and customer-responsive approach, Brightspot has always been at the cusp of creating solutions according to the clients’ needs, and Gang informs that this will be the road ahead for the company. “We will ensure that our existing customers are getting what they need from our company during these critical months in their business,” he mentions. In addition, Brightspot is focused on bringing packaged solutions that help companies launch new digital experiences quickly with minimal development work based on its API-first, Cloud-first platform called Readymade. All these can be availed by the same core technology platform and services approach that enables Brightspot to deliver exactly what is needed by its customers and help them excel. “We love what we do. We believe every customer should be a customer for life, and the only way to make that happen is to have the people and technology fully committed to the success of every project for every customer,” concludes Gang.


Reston, VA

David Gang, CEO

The Brightspot platform is a content management system and digital empowerment engine that helps customers take their business logic, their workflows and unique content types to build enterprise applications at scale with astonishing speed. Founded on the idea of providing expert services to the customers, the company’s platform offers a complete suite of interoperable and scalable CMS solutions built on a light-weight, flexible framework. Completely dedicated to delighting users and empowering developers, the company delivers faster solutions to help its customers move their business priorities forward