20 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Technology Solution Providers - 2015

The media and entertainment industry is a unique amalgam of disruptive technology and unconventional trends. The digital revolution in this landscape has certainly remodeled the way many media and entertainment companies handle the overwhelming inflow of data. Here, we bring to you “The 20 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Technology Solution Providers of 2015".

Company Name

Company Description

Adstream Provides delivery of broadcast content and digitally connected to publishers and media owners across broadcast, print and all other mediums.
Allant Group,Inc A provider of Advanced TV advertising software, data products and analytic driven marketing and advertising services.
Brightcove A provider of cloud solution and products suite to deliver and monetize video across connected devices.
Canto Provider of digital asset management technologies that enable organizations to manage digital content
CELUM Offers marketing technology software for Digital Asset Management and Brand & Product Content Management
censhare AG Providers of integrated solution and strategies for intelligent business communication.
Channel Media Solutions A boutique media consulting firm that specializes in helping clients achieve maximum effectiveness with technology solutions.
Cybage Software A provider of end-to-end M&E solutions like Application and Information Services, Publishing Workflows, Digital Advertising, Entertainment, and Emerging Media
DevSpark An agile software development company that designs, develops and maintains exceptional software products
Diversified Systems A firm that handles full service integration services and development of managed network solutions in addition to aggregated media, technology consulting, management, and integration services.
Endavo Media Enterprise solution for managing, distributing and monetizing digital media and entertainment services.
Harmonic, Inc Develops and markets video production, playout, processing and cable edge products for companies that produce, package, and distribute video content for television and the Internet.
Hightail Providing online file storage, sharing and management capabilities.
IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management IntelligenceBank Digital Asset Management is designed to make your marketing processes easier.
Movable Type for AWS Offers stability, a user-friendly interface, and extensive visual communication for websites and blogs.
Mvix Provides solutions for high-definition digital signage systems and few other technologies.
Prime Focus Technologies Helping content enterprises deal with DIGITAL NEXT realities. Providing them agility and speed they need to handle increase in volume and explore new monetization opportunities using CLEAR.
WAVE Corporation A provider of digital asset management, enterprise content management, and electronic document management solutions
WebDAM Provider of high quality, scalable and innovative solutions for efficient management, anytime-anywhere access, collaboration and publishing of rich media.
Worldnow A firm that offers monetization platform to enable traditional and next generation media companies to streamline and simplify multi-media management.