Top 10 Media and Entertainment Solution Companies - 2020

2020 looks like a promising year for the media and entertainment industry as new technologies and trends continue to drive innovation and unravel new opportunities. Technology is a crucial element of the industry, and the rapidly growing digital transformation trends have further increased its relevance. Today, the industry is witnessing an increase in video advertisements, demand for digital experience, and a rise in mobile data usage due to high demand, among others. Interestingly, these trends are expected to continue this year.

However, it is also expected that companies in the media and entertainment industry will focus more on operationalizing current technology better and prepare their organizations to handle the next wave of technology, such as 5G, Mobile AR/VR, and conversational AI while being more profitable and connected with their consumers. Going by recent trends, virtual reality (VR), over-the-top (OTT) video, and internet advertising are among the fastest-growing revenue generators for media and entertainment companies. It is expected that convergence will also emerge as a big trend in the coming years. Streaming services, TV companies, and social networks are already competing with each other and creating content to engage the audiences more than ever. Additionally, as the demand for mobile data progresses, the industry will rapidly make a turn towards AI and machine learning to enrich their content and improve user engagement.

Giants like Google, Amazon, and Netflix are already leveraging the power of AI to attract the audience, and thereby, ruling the media and entertainment space with their data-driven business models. The use of AI and advanced data science enables them to produce relevant content and create value for customers.

In the wake of these emerging technologies that are shaping up the media and entertainment space, CIOReview has compiled a list of top media and entertainment solution providers. These firms are continuously proving their mettle in the media and entertainment landscape with cutting-edge and unique capabilities. We hope this issue of the CIOReview helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to foster technologically-driven solutions.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Solution Providers - 2020”

    Top Media and Entertainment Solution Companies

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    Bitcentral is a media software solution provider known for its professional, reliable, efficient, and scalable workflows and personalized offerings. With a mission of magnifying the quality and value of video content, Bitcentral develops and offers a wide range of unique solutions, including the top news production platform, highly innovative and transformative linear on-demand streaming solution, and more. With Bitcentral's highly optimized toolkit, users can easily control the execution of all the processes making the playout. Catering to more than 1000 broadcasters across the world, the company aims at innovating ways to unleash greater digital revenue.

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    The Brightspot platform is a content management system and digital empowerment engine that helps customers take their business logic, their workflows and unique content types to build enterprise applications at scale with astonishing speed. Founded on the idea of providing expert services to the customers, the company’s platform offers a complete suite of interoperable and scalable CMS solutions built on a light-weight, flexible framework. Completely dedicated to delighting users and empowering developers, the company delivers faster solutions to help its customers move their business priorities forward

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    Digital Convergence Technologies (DCT) is a global digital agency that works on creating novel and innovative digital experiences. DCT also offers a range of services, including strategic consultancy, creative and technological solutions, business intelligence, analytics, and monetization. With a mission to revolutionize the digital world, the company puts customer satisfaction at the forefront. DCT serves its clientele with a variety of products and solutions, including websites, portals, enterprise-grade applications, BI-based dashboard visualization solutions, e-commerce solutions, intranets and collaboration tools, and other turnkey strategies.

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    Espial is a video solution provider that transforms the viewing experiences for the users, worldwide, by enabling video services at ultra high speed. The company's immersive solutions feature poster-centric navigation on multiscreen devices and set-tops. Espial has also specialized in discovering live, on-demand, and OTT content in the simplest way ever and at the highest speed. Harnessing open communities such as HTML5, the company delivers unparalleled user experiences driven by personalized, reference UX. In addition to speed and customization, agility also characterizes the offerings of Espial.

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    MoIQ Entertainment, Inc is a US-based technology and entertainment company that envisions delivering experiences, not just content. Unlike other online streaming platforms, MoIQ Entertainment aims to bring a wide variety of independent films, original movies, documentaries, original series, and TV networks which are state of the art in terms of the narrative, cinematography, performances, something that subscribers globally would love to watch. MoIQ Entertainment’s application platform comprises two offerings, MoIQ Films, and MoIQ TV. The company follows an agile business strategy to maximize the innovation in the content space.

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    Qarva provides innovative software solutions for the IPTV and OTT industries worldwide. Solutions offered by Qarva are highly reliable, fast, affordable, diligent, robust, scalable, and efficient, and promise to better the TV viewing experience for the users. The company follows a unique approach that involves understanding and analyzing the client requirements to develop customized solutions. Qarva's expertise in improving the quality of Television viewing experience with its innovative services has made the comapny a leader in end-to-end IPTV, OTT, and hybrid TV software market.

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    Connatix crafts innovative and attractive video delivery experiences for a range of publishers. With a mission to help businesses deliver quality videos at scale, the company envisions transfiguring the experience on the lines of both delivering and viewing videos. Elements, developed by the talented team of professionals at Connatix, ensure video content delivery at lightning fast speed and serves aptly for today's publisher. Playspace, another offering from Connatix, is a suite of immersive video formats that help in not only engaging the end users but also amplifying revenue to an unimaginable extent.

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    Limelight Networks

    Limelight Networks

    With one of the world's largest private global networks, Limelight Networks is aimed at creating excellent digital experiences. Strategizing the paradigm of digital content delivery, the company rightly caters to the modern needs of the businesses. Limelight Networks' ultra fast, flexible, smart, secure, and reliable services platform bypasses the users' grievances regarding slow and inefficient content processing and delivering methods. The company's global private IP network offers services that feature high performance, optimized infrastructure, and a fully integrated suite of software services.

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    Netomi leverages the competence of AI to not only gain a competitive edge but automate repetitive and redundant tasks with utmost accuracy as well. With innovative digital and AI solutions, Netomi aims to empower companies and drive them towards stable and long-standing growth and popularity. The company believes that the convergence of manual and AI-driven efforts would be the key to business excellence and success. On this note, Netomi emphasizes on its strategy that allows its clients to add empathy, creativity, and subjectivity to deliver services with a human touch.

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    Verizon Media

    Verizon Media

    Verizon Media aims to empower the world with the TV Everywhere evolution. The company's unique Media Platform translates video and other digital content into exceptionally immersive experiences instantly for the viewers. Verizon Media features a highly integrated platform that does not just meet but exceed the expectations of modern businesses. Portability underlines the specialty of the solution as it can be deployed and used on any device. Verizon delivers its clients with just right digital strategies, which are capable of eliminating the infrastructural and workflow intricacies.